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Gecko U8

The Gecko U8 is the first ETICS-dowel which masters all common insulation thicknesses in new buildings and renovations. This universal anchor works with EPS and phenolic resin insulation boards.

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Stellfuchs Technology

Stellfuchs Technology is a pure, mechanical fastening system for thermal insulation composite systems and is used for the renovation of non-load-bearing façades or non-adhesive surfaces. Thanks to Stellfuchs Technology ETICS can be fixed without any substrate pre-treatment.

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Project Development

Innovations energise the economy and give the markets new impetus. Innovations create enthusiasm – for their inventors as well as those seeking solutions. FRÖWIS has a huge professional commitment to working towards new developments for insulation materials. With dedicated employees, whose well-founded expertise combines with creativity, FRÖWIS breaks new ground.

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