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Stellfuchs Insulation Material Fastenings
the crafty problem solver

Stellfuchs Technology is a pure, mechanical fastening system for thermal insulation composite systems and is used for the renovation of non-load-bearing façades or non-adhesive surfaces. Thanks to Stellfuchs Technology ETICS can be fixed without any substrate pre-treatment.

The system, proven since 1999 evens out uneveness on the facade up to 7cm per metre and is thus an economical and ecological alternative to levelling plaster. Gradually the easy to install Stellfuchs will also replace the tracking system in the coming years.

In its construction Stellfuchs fulfils the requirements of international insurance companies, who have made a drainage and ventilation cavity between insulation and substrate mandatory for public buildings.

What makes the Stellfuchs-System so strong?

  • The environment and wallet are protected because the façade does not need to be pre-treated.
  • Can be installed in winter from +1°C
  • Sound insulation improvement up to 6 dB
  • Compensates for unevenness of up to 7 cm per metre, saving time and money
  • Economical and ecological alternative to levelling plaster
  • Easier to install than the track system

Areas of Application

  • Substrates Not Suitable for Adhesives
  • Asbestos Facades
  • Historic Buildings
  • Timber Frame Construction
  • New Buildings



Stellfuchs Brochure

Stellfuchs Approval (German)

Areas of Application

Substrates Not Suitable for Adhesives

Why squander time and energy on chipping off old substrates? With Stellfuchs, you can get started right away and save on disposing of around 40 kg of old plaster per m2.

Asbestos Facades

Why waste time and money on levelling plaster and adhesive? Be clever (as a fox) and trust in Stellfuchs.

Historic Buildings

So why can renovation improve energy efficiency even in historic façades? Since the clever Stellfuchs meets the requirements of the Office of Listed Buildings by preserving the structure and historic mural paintings when adding insulation.

Timber Frame Construction

Why sacrifice time and patience for levelling mixed substrates? The strengths of Stellfuchs technology come to bear where conventional systems fail.

New Buildings

So why is Stellfuchs popular even with new buildings? Since international insurance companies prescribe a hollow space for drainage and ventilation between the insulation and substrate in public buildings. Only Stellfuchs offers a lasting solution in this regard.