We hold
our promises

Innovative fixings
for thermal insulation

We are FRÖWIS. We help system providers and construction companies realise their construction projects more economically, safer, and quicker by offering specialised fixings that can secure insulation materials safely to a facade, be it for the renovation of old buildings or the insulation of new buildings. FRÖWIS Specialised Fixings is the result of decades of experience, technical refinement, and precise manufacture.

Our mission

We have a sense of top-quality fixing technology, offering you original products developed to provide insulation materials the support they need, thereby conserving heat, reducing energy consumption, and bringing down CO2 emissions. In doing so, we can rely on the support of long-term partners, amongst them ETICS providers and specialist tradespeople, that have helped us hone our products into perfection.

Our network helps us meet the requirements of various niches. If your construction project calls for it, we are happy to consult you on site, finding the best fixing system for you that will firmly secure your insulation materials to a facade in an energy-efficient way.