Fixing System

ETICS Fixing Without Substrate Pre-treatment

Mechanical ETICS fixing

  • Ecological fixing of insulation boards without using adhesives
  • Improves soundproofing by up to 6 dB
  • Aligns and levels uneven facades up to 70 mm
  • Deconstruction of facades and waste segregation by type

The Stellfuchs is a purely mechanical fixing system for external thermal insulation composite systems and is used whenever insulation materials must be fixed mechanically to a facade. It is especially suitable for insulation facades that can be deconstructed or when a substrate is non-loadbearing or non-adhering. Using the Stellfuchs, you can install ETIC systems without any substrate pre-treatment.

Apply the Stellfuchs
successfully for

Sustainable building ecological

Deconstructable facades

Allowing you to deconstruct facades and segregate waste by type.

old plaster and brickwork

Difficult substrates

No need for substrate pre-treatments, even for slanted or uneven facades.

Doubling up

Thermal insulation and soundproofing

A cavity between substrate and insulation material reduces thermal transfer and sound transmission.

The perfect partner for ecological renovations

Produktfeatures Stellfuchs
Produkt Stellfuchs

Strong anchor

10 mm for safe embedment

Double spiral

For firm support in the insulation board

Gain extra cavity

Fix insulation boards up to 7cm from the wall

50 – 90 mm embedment depth

For all substrates in accordance with ETA

50 % cost saving and quicker insulation

As the name suggests in German, there is a fox in the Stellfuchs, which is no coincidence since it may be the smartest ETICS fixing system available, lightening your workload by not having to chip off or bond substrates. Save up to 6 kg of construction adhesive per square metre, spare yourself the removal of 40 kg of old plaster and up to 50 % of labour costs. We’re happy to consult you.

Application (instructions)

Put an end to

Substrate pre-treatment

Special waste incurred by building materials that cannot be segregated

Dowel marks and pillow effects

fixings in action

New Children’s Hospital

New Children’s Hospital



Harbard Close

Harbard Close

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Fields of Application


Asbestos facades

How do you proceed after the asbestos has been removed? What seems complex, is quite simple: the substrate is not suitable for gluing. An ideal scope for the Stellfuchs system.

denkmalgeschützte Gebäude


Even façades by protected heritage buildings can be effectively renovated: the clever Stellfuchs system meets the requirements of the Historic Monument Protection Office. Through insulation, structures and historic wall paintings are preserved.



Don’t lose your time or your patience with the likes of mixed substrates. Where conventional systems fall over, the strengths of the Stellfuchs system come into play.



For new buildings, international insurance companies implement the Stellfuchs. Because it is the best solution for the specification requirements for ventilated cavities between insulation and substrate.

Nicht klebegeeignete Untergründe


Don’t waste any time or energy knocking off old substrates. With Stellfuchs, get started immediately as the removal of around 40 kg per m2 of old plaster is unnecessary.



Fitting the insulating façade and the new balconies is a real challenge when it comes to alignment. But not with the Stellfuchs.

has never been

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Using the Stellfuchs, you will be on the safe side

The Stellfuchs
is suitable for


Mineral fibre


Solid brick

Hollow brick

Lightweight aggregate concrete

Autoclaved aerated concrete

What our customers say

Gerd Pommerenke
Gerd Pommer
If skewed should be straight, Stellfuchs is the perfect choice.
Gerd Pommerenke
Construction ingeneer at Becker & Baaß GmbH (Handwerksgruppe Philip Mecklenburg)
Andree Mostowski
Andree Mostowski
Stellfuchs is the best of all ETICS special solutions.
Andree Mostowski
CEO of Siebrecht Malereibetrieb GmbH
Sven Gehler
Sven Gehler
Definitely use Stellfuchs for the renovation of panel constructions
Sven Gehler
CEO of 3B Denkmalpflege Bausanierung GmbH
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