Why still use rail system when there is a simpler way?

wdvs sanierung

Fastening external thermal insulation composite systems with rails? That’s in the past. Stricter national technical approvals have made the installation more expensive. “There are definitely better solutions around now,” says Markus Fröwis of FRÖWIS Fastening Systems, thinking not only economic efficiency. An external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) always consists of individual components adjusted to …


ETICS: Mechanical fastening systems provide secure fixing

Mechanical fastening systems are one of three options to secure a thermal insulation system to a façade. Owing to their high load-bearing capacity, they are considered safe ETICS fasteners that absorb wind loads and the weight of a system by means of certified steel screws with a high bending moment and the holding forces in …


Why anchoring make sense even for glued insulation façades

Before fastening an external thermal insulation composite system on a façade, you need to factor in a few things. In new buildings, often a fully adhesive system is used while for renovations you can choose from as many as three different fastening systems in Germany. The anchor may be only a small part in these …


Mechanical fastening systems expand range of possible ETICS applications

Mechanische Befestigung

While in glued and dowelled external thermal insulation composite systems anchors can be literally regarded as emergency anchors, in purely mechanical fastening systems the ETICS anchor takes on the function of an adhesive, carrying the entire load of the system. The mechanical force easily tolerates existing properties of substrate and wall surface, expanding the range …