Doubling up with ETICS: Things to keep in mind – Part 2

An ageing external thermal insulation composite system need not be replaced with a new one: Your ETICS façade can get a secondary insulation, which saves material, time and money – up to € 50/m2. However, you must keep a few things in mind.

  1. National Technical Approval

The installer must provide a guarantee to the homeowner that the existing external thermal insulation composite system has been executed flawlessly, based on the National Technical Approval or a case-by-case approval.

2. Fire safety

When doubling up an ETICS, the applicable building regulations for fire safety requirements must, of course, be complied with.

3. Checking stability and load-bearing capacity

Doubling up an ETICS requires the load-bearing capacity of the old ETICS to be suitable for secondary insulation. To this end, the old ETICS is opened up in several places to check whether the adhesive between the old ETICS and the substrate is intact.

The doubling up of old ETICS rail systems and no longer load-bearing adhesive systems can be done based on case-to-case approval.

4. Energy saving and thermal insulation

According to the German energy saving regulation Energieeinsparverordnung EnEV, no requirements are necessary for thermal transmittance or U-value as long as the exterior walls remain unchanged. However, impairments will not be tolerated, and deconstructing an ETIC system without installing a new one is not permitted.

5. Climate-induced moisture protection

When choosing a doubling up system, technical aspects related to moisture protection should be considered, too.

6. Execution and connection to other components

The laying of the insulation and the connection to other components play a crucial role. The insulation boards of the new ETIC system should be laid with the joints offset from the insulation boards of the old system. The anchors must be set in the load-bearing substrate according to the instructions of the system manufacturer.

7. Sound insulation

If special sound insulation requirements are necessary it is recommended to carry out a building acoustics test.

Doubling up provides the following advantages

  • Applying the doubling up method ensures maximum economical and ecological advantage. Using the existing old insulation resource saves the need for deconstruction and having to dispose of the individual system components.
  • By using this method, you can reduce purchase costs by € 30-50/m2 while maintaining the same energetic result.
  • The construction time reduces as the old system need not be removed, and no levelling plaster has to be applied to glue a new ETICS.
  • The environment, residents and wildlife do not get affected. Dirt, dust, polystyrene particles all over adjoining gardens, footpaths and roads, mountains of insulation material in plastic bags: None of that.
  • No debate among the public and in the local press.
  • Doubling up saves time and money that would otherwise go into bolstering up old and no longer load-bearing substrates.

Our solution for doubling up thermal insulation composite systems is called Panthera A10.

Part 1 explains why doubling up ETICS is the cheaper and gentler alternative to deconstruction.

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