Why deconstruct when there is a more inexpensive and resource-friendly option? – Part 1

Even sustainable solutions reach the end of their time some day, and then what? Exchange the old, professionally installed External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) with a new one? There is an alternative that will save money and protect the environment: secondary insulation!

ETIC systems are durable, low-maintenance and economical. However, after decades of permanent weathering, renovating them can make sense from a visual as well resource-related perspective. Your existing ETICS façade may have helped save a considerable amount in heating costs and kept carbon dioxide emissions at a minimum for decades, but technology and efficiency have improved. Moreover, in today’s world, individuals, the economy and the government feel responsible for the environment. In this context, the renovation of buildings plays a crucial role.

This doesn’t mean that you have to deconstruct the old ETICS and replace it with a new one. The ideal way is to double up.

Turning old into new

Doubling up, i.e. the installation of a secondary insulation on the existing ETICS façade provides a double if not triple economical advantage: It uses the existing resource, the old insulation, saves the enormous costs caused by deconstruction and the mixed disposal of the old ETIC system, and results in shorter construction time, which reduces costs even further.

Turning no longer load-bearing into load-bearing

The Panthera A10 is the first ETICS anchor designed especially for doubling up procedures. This anchor doubles and bolsters up even no longer load-bearing ETIC adhesive systems and ETICS rail systems. In Germany, the doubling up of old ETICS rail systems is not covered by a National Technical Approval, and therefore may require case-by-case approval. The ETICS anchor Panthera A10 solves stability problems related to doubling up by combining the old with the new system. This way, the fastener allows for a safe, state-of-the-art and effective insulation façade.

In Part 2 and Part 3 we inform you about what you have to consider when doubling up buildings.

Discover Panthera A10 for doubling up.

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